Meet Claire Ashman

Claire Ashman, survivor of 2 cults, is a world-renowned, 3-time TEDx speaker with over 200,000 views.  She is known for her strength, courage, and determination in pushing through difficult obstacles in order to create a life of freedom beyond barbed wire fences for her and her 9 children.

Audiences are drawn to Claire’s passionate, inspiring and enlightening accounts of her upbringing in a strict religious sect, followed by a decade spent in one of Australia’s largest Doomsday cults.  Listeners are amazed by her story but are even more gob-smacked to know that cults are still active and people are living this way in the New Millenia. The various forms of abuse that goes on behind closed doors is shocking.

Claire’s book, Lessons From A Cult Survivor, changes our perception of cults as a bygone era to noticing that there are 3000 cults in Australia alone. Resulting in some 600,000 people who are members of cults. Cults affect us all in some way. She wants cult members to know they can leave safely and re-enter a friendly and accepting society.

The cult-like mindset isn’t limited by fences, it bleeds into modern societal cult-ure through social media, corporate culture, and exploitation.  Claire shares lessons on how despite most of her life being indoctrinated and manipulated she taught herself to live in a world she knew very little about. Determinedly believing in herself, she broke mental, emotional and financial barriers to forge a new life for herself and her children.

When Claire isn’t speaking out, you can find her outside doing crossfit, playing the pipe organ and creating patchwork quilts.

How Asking Too Many Questions Saved Me

In this TEDx talk, Claire covers how often we follow rules blindly. When is it right to question authority? The cruel reality is that living by giving into other people’s thoughts, ideas and actions can kill you.

I Escaped a Cult After 28 Years

An interview with Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes on the English based, ‘This Morning’ TV program.

Lessons from a Cult Survivor

In Australia there are over 3000 cults, with some 600,000 members, meaning we all know, or have had contact with at least one person who is a member of a cult.

Cult Survivor to Free Thinking Driver

Ever wondered what it might be like inside a cult? In this TEDX talk I give you in insight into what it is like to be in a cult – and what it’s like to ‘escape’ and live life to the fullest.