Work With Claire

Don’t let your past define you, you define your past – Claire Ashman.

Claire is recognised as an inspirational, engaging and insightful speaker who will provide peace of mind when booking a speaker.  She is a proven professional speaker with the skills to engage an audience. Her empathy, raw honesty and humour will change the perspective of audience members and leave a lasting legacy. Claire sparks conversations and often has people sharing their stories to begin a journey towards healing.

  • Architect of your own life – In this powerful keynote, Claire shares how she went from being overwhelmed, sitting on her bed and realising she needed to escape a cult with eight children to rebuilding her life.
  • Choices – From feeling like you are backed up against a wall with no choices to realising even in your darkest of circumstances you can move forward. From micro to major choices, every decision we make can impact our future.
  • Freedom from guilt – From being told if you don’t go to mass every Sunday, you’re doomed for eternity to feeling the freedom of eating breakfast in bed and reading the paper instead. Claire gives a frank account of how she has overcome religious guilt indoctrinated in her from childhood.
  • Dig Deep – Every person will have their own challenges in life to overcome so how do we build our resilience?  Claire inspires her audience to tap into their inner strength, dig deep and re-discover hope for a brighter future.
  • What now – From getting a place to live for her family, schooling to learning how to open a bank account and use an ATM in her mid 30s, Claire gives an honest account about the practicalities of leaving a religious sect.
  • Triggers – There’s an old saying “time heals” but even after many years, those who have left strict religious movements can still be triggered by seeming innocuous situations.  For Claire Hollywood doomsday blockbuster movies were for many years a trigger.

Claire is available to be interviewed on panels and gives keynotes worldwide.  For further information contact her via email [email protected]